DTS Headphone:X Technology

DTS 2013 Demo Room

DTS is putting in an appearance at International CES to demonstrate Headphone:X multi-channel
surround sound technology, which promises to deliver up to 11.1 virtual surround channels over any pair
of headphones.

Headphone:X is capable of reproducing soundtracks mixed in 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 and 11.1 channels, making
it the most advanced headphone-surround solution in the company’s portfolio. The technology will
accurately place the height and width channels of DTS Neo:X 11.1 mixes that are optimized for playback
through home theater systems equipped with DTS Neo:X post-processing , a spokesman said.

Hard to believe? I thought so! Here’s a picture of the soundroom they use, setup with 11.1 configuration.
However, when the demo is playing through the headphone, I can’t tell whether the sounds are coming
from the Focal speakers used throughout the room or from the headphones. This is the very first time
that I’m using a pair of headphones but thinking all the sounds coming from the real speakers. It’s really
hard to describe and you should really be there to experience and to believe it that the technology is real.

This technology is a mixture of DTS’ own technology and the newly acquired SRS Labs technology.

All I can say is that this is by far is better than any headphone-surround technology out there. Silent
Cinema, Dolby Headphone, they are nothing compared to the DTS Headphone:X Technology. I’m
waiting for this technology to go public as soon as possible.

DTS Booth


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