PSB & NAD Refreshing and Ingenious Approach at CES 2013


When you go to The Venetian for CES show, it’s easy to be buried neck deep into mega-bucks world of hi-fi system. Some are good, some are bad, some just hocus-pocus. Regardless, they word is mega-bucks. How refreshing and ingenious of Lenbrook (PSB and NAD) for showing not only their high-end audio, but also their entry level items AND demo them. In this case, they showcased PSB Alpha B1 powered by NAD 316BEE Integrated amplifier. How nice to hear something nice that costs lower than a week’s paycheque. It’s easy to impress with mega-bucks systems (although some companies still fail to do so) but it’s extremely hard to impress with a solution that costs less than a $1K.

Shown below is the new and improved Viso 1, now looking much better without the iPod dock. It looks futuristic, even.

NAD Viso 1

Also shown is the protoypes of NAD portable amplifiers from the digital only (can be used as a USB DAC for your PC) to integrated amp (shown below) and the higher end version of it with optical/coax DAC, USB DAC and analog inputs.


Most interestingly, to me at least, the introduction of PSB SubSeries 125 subwoofer with front ports just like my preferred oldie but goodie design from PSB. Also showcased during the show is the new powered PSB monitors (review coming when the unit become available)

PSB SubSeries 125


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