Sony’s List of First 10 “Mastered in 4K” Blu-ray Discs


The first 10 “Mastered in 4K” Blu-ray coming from Sony for 2013 are as follows:

The Amazing Spider-Man™
Bad Teacher, featuring Cameron Diaz
The Karate Kid, featuring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith
The Other Guys, featuring Will Farrell
Battle: Los Angeles
That’s My Boy, featuring Adam Sandler
Salt, featuring Angelina Jolie
Total Recall 2012, featuring Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale
Taxi Driver
The Bridge on the River Kwai

Most current blu-ray movies are encoded at around 30 MBPS bitrate.  These blu-ray movies will be encoded at 40 MBPS bitrate (maximum allowable on a Blu-ray) so in theory they will yield around 30% better picture quality when watched using regular HDTV and potentially much easier for a 2K-to-4K upscaler to do a good job.

Oh, and it comes with Triluminos colour space too.

Watch this space for my review of these titles.


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