Matrix Audio QUBE

Matrix Audio QUBE

Not everything in life should be audiophile quality, that is, if you’re a musicphile.  I’m more of a musicphile with audiophile tendencies.  This means I’d rather listen to music than nothing at all but at the same time I refuse to listen to craptastic quality of sound.


Affordable portable audio have always been craptastic in nature or the ones that are remotely decent will be in the $200 range and their size in the end tend be large-ish anyway.


I found Matrix Audio QUBE by accident at #2103CES over at the iLounge area.  In a nutshell, the QUBE is a speaker that’s slightly smaller than a golf ball and about twice the weight. Small enough to fit in your pocket yet thanks to its internal power amplifier, loud enough to fill a bedroom with rich, stunning sound. Gorgeous aluminum finish in black, red and silver (I tested the red and the silver) with a built in rechargeable battery about 8 hours of continuous playback (I actually tried that).

 Matrix Audio QUBE red

Of course this unit is not without its flaws.  First and foremost, the audio input requires a special cable that mixes mini-USB and 3.5mm jack.  I’d rather have a mini-USB just for charging and a separate 3.5mm jack separately so I can run a longer cable of my own, especially since this speaker is not Bluetooth enabled.  However, in my test cases where I actually use my phone the audio player and connecting it to the QUBE, I find no problem in using their cable.  It’s just too short for my taste, that’s all.


As previously mentioned above, the sound is rich and stunning for something that tiny.  I was prepared to listen to all-highs with no mids and lows.  However, contrary to my expectation, there is a decent amount of mids and enough lows to carry the music in a “background music” kind of way.  By no means that the QUBE will become the go-to speakers for all travel applications, but in my hotel room, while I’m writing my articles or browsing the net, I truly enjoy the company of the QUBE immensely.


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