Monoprice Power Center… Worth The Savings?


I’m a sucker for “just in case” stuff. Insurance, warranty, any type of protection for anything really. At the same time I don’t want to pay for something I don’t need. I don’t buy extended warranty for projectors, for example, because I know I upgrade my projector annually.

The same goes with surge protector and power filters.

Too many of them don’t have enough clamping power, or built shabbily, or too pretty-looking for no reason whatsoever other than to jack up the price.  So when I went to CES2013 and saw the Monoprice Power Center, I immediately gravitate towards that item. The price is identical to the street price of Belkin PF30 that I already own and I don’t use. The reason I don’t use it because first of all, the Belkin PF30 looks cheap with bright blue light and it doesn’t filter the buzz from one of my amplifier’s external coimageoling fan.  Because of those things, I had to change it to a different brand that costs double. No, I’m not going to mention the brand name because that company is sue-happy and for some strange reasons I don’t like being sued.  😉

so how does the Monoprice fare at half the price?

Let’s start with build quality.  It’s amazing.  Hefty, thick, solid, and impressive feeling unlike my Belkin and as good looking as the power center double its price. The power cable feeding into the unit itself is an impressive thick gauge with flat connector.  Cosmetically, the Monoprice is super impressive.


Performance wise, it’s also impressive. Remember the buzz I mentioned earlier? It’s gone! The Monoprice unit filtered it to oblivion. I even induced hum/buzz using faulty power adapter and analyze the output using a noise analyzer with its sensitivity set to the maximum… The output is ZERO!! This is better than my other unit that I paid $249 for!!

I don’t care what the spec said (the Belkin have better spec than the Monoprice), I’m a result driven person. I don’t care if the Monoprice use a hamster as a power filter (they don’t, I checked it inside, there is no hamster) as long as the end result is good.

All I know is that the Monoprice is superior not only to the Belkin PF30 sold at the same price, it even surpassed the other power center at double the cost!

so yeah, it’s worth the savings, especially because it actually performs better than its competitors. Extremely highly recommended.

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