Streaming and Why We Should Be Wary


Streaming seems to be like the magic word lately. It’s convenient and we are promised by the studios to deliver HD quality.

Let me state this: it’s a big technicality BS!

To qualify as HD, all the studio and streaming providers need to do is to ensure the customers receive 720p resolution or higher. There is no promise of picture quality or sound quality at all. Therefore things such as macroblocking, colour banding, edge enhancement, lossy audio can and will be streamed to us.

From the objective standpoint, blu-ray maximum bitrate is 35 Mbps. The best streaming bitrate, be it Vudu HDX or Netflix SuperHD, is only 7 to 8 Mbps. So the pictures are compressed 500% higher than blu-ray and blu-rays are already 800% more compressed than the movie theatre presentation.

Furthermore, the soundtracks have been downgraded from lossless audio to a lossy audio equivalent to 160 Kbps MP3 at best, 128 Kbps MP3 in general.

Yeah you’ve read a similar rant from me but this time it’s not only about the picture and sound quality. The more of us buying into streaming, the more these studios think about moving their movie distribution to ONLY streaming… and that’s a BAD thing. Imagine if there is no way to get high quality content anymore. It starts happening with CD several years ago and it’s getting worse by each day. Believe me, it will happen to video if we keep buying into these steaming pile… I mean, streaming pile of garbage.

One response to “Streaming and Why We Should Be Wary

  1. Won’t competitive services like Google Fiber cure the bandwidth problem? Internet speeds will always be growing and isn’t downloading possible without the streaming quality compromises? I’m not a huge fan of outdated scratchable media, and I totally agree quality should never be compromised. Is there any reason downloading would be an unacceptable solution with no compromise to quality?

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