Sony KDL-65S990A Curved TV — A gimmick? No need calibration?


Sony has launched the world’s first curved LED TV at IFA 2013 (and now also in Canada and the rest of the world), the 65-inch KDL-65S990A. The S990A is set for release on October 27th, with a US price of $4000. The curvaceous 65-inch screen follows in the footsteps of the LG 55EA9800 curved OLED and the Samsung S9C.

This Sony set claims to be the world’s first curved LED (rather than OLED) and sports a screen with a full HD Triluminos display, the X-Reality Pro processing engine and dynamic edge LED backlighting. The slight curve claims to deliver a wider viewing angle and less reflections.  Also due to the curvature, the speaker array (in addition to Sony’s S-Force simulated surround DSP) can now more convincingly simulate surround sound the way the soundtrack is meant to be heard

There’s passive 3D tech inside, too, and the set works with Sony’s smartphone and tablet remote control app. MHL, Miracast and NFC technology allows you to get your phone’s content on the screen, too.

You can pre-order the set now in the US. Are curved TVs just a gimmick? Yes and no. when viewed from THX to SMPTE viewing sweet spots, then the curve gives the viewer a somewhat more immersive feeling, but watched from afar, it’s pure gimmick although the curvature is still very sexy looking to the eyes (well, my eyes, at least).

Regardless of Sony’s claim at IFA that Sony TVs don’t need calibration, however, it’s untrue as even top of the line Sony’s broadcast monitors and 4K TV piced at $25,000 are indeed in need of calibration in order to get the accurate colour reproduction. Not to mention that calibration also need to take account the lighting condition and the overall perceived interior colour of the viewing area.


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