Sony’s Fake Claim of Auto Calibration

Sony claim that their displays do not need calibration and/or come with auto calibration.

This really show how badly uneducated and clueless they are about the calibration process.

Calibration entails the accuracy of the display in relation to the lighting condition, viewing distance, room condition (colour of the room, type of screen material in the case of projector) and the source of the picture (different brand bluray player, for example, produces colour differently).

Auto calibration and “calibrated at the factory” (which is not true, by the way) only deals with the display but not the entire ecosystem. Which means…no display can be claimed to be calibrated and/or have an auto calibration system when the rest of the ecosystem is not taken into account.

It is sad, really, for such big companies stoop that low to deceive their faithful customers and followers! I’ve been a staunch supporter of Sony displays and still am, but stating a bogus claim like that, shame on you, Sony!!


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