Polaroid releases $600 4K TV at #CES2014 – Huh?


This must be put into “I don’t get it” category. Polaroid, a company whose name was identical to instant photography, is now nothing but a brand. However, the brand have now expanded to TVs, which makes no sense to me as it is only a re-badge and usually sold at Wally Word, a place where price comes first quality comes last.

Regardless, they are now releasing not one but TWO models of 4K TVs. Both of them are 50″ in size, the $1,000 model will have 3 HDMI inputs and a $600 model with only 1 HDMI input but you’ll get a “free” Roku Stick. There is no mention about the type of panel used (I can see that for sure they are not using IPS panel), the type of upscaler (usually at this price point no scaler is being used but only a pixel quadrupler — the worst kind of resolution interpolator known to human and alien kind alike).

But hey, for $600, what do you expect from a 4K TV? I’m still struggling to find a decent regular HDTV at prices below $1,500.


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