Samsung S9110, the 110″ 4K LCD UHDTV at #CES2014 – Get Your Wallets Ready


Do you have at least $140,000 in US currency in your wallet?  You’re itching to spend that money?  Wait no more, as right at this moment you can order the Samsung 110″ 4K LCD UHDTV from your favourite Samsung dealers around the world.   That’s right, at 2.6-meters by 1.8-meters there’s more than enough room for well-heeled VIPs or employees of large companies and government agencies (the target market for the S9110) to catch some z’s on it — and bring a few friends. It’s available for custom orders just before we see the new generation of Ultra HD (including a 105″ 21:9 curved model) at #CES2014 in a couple of days, although most of us will be only capable of drooling over these TVs.

And, by the way, below are the pictures of what the TV’s remote looks like.



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