#CES2014 UNVEILED – mostly “ho-hum” but with some “yaaay” moments


Seriously, how many more earphones, headphones and iPod docks do we have to endure. Some vendors have become lazy to the point they’re showcasing the products from last year and the previous. This is an unveiling event, not a history lesson.

Take for examples, LG… showing yet another 4K TV, Bell’O — the home theatre furniture company — last year they got into selling HDMI cables, this year they got into selling earphone and headphones. I’m not putting them on the spot, there are at least a dozen companies who are showcasing the same-old same-old or just an evolution of last year’s product. This is not what unveiling event was designed for. It was designed to showcase something completel new.

There are a few noteable companies, however, for example Belkin with its WEMO product which started as an app-controlled power outlet have now widen their product line to controllable LED bulbs. This means just by using one WEMO controller, you can control up to 50 WEMO light bulbs individually, as a group, or as an event from anywhere in the world. Plus they add a WEMO controlled slow-cooker… perfect for me who slow-cook everything.


Then the CAT people (the ones who manufactures construction machines) produced a rugged phone that is submersible down to 6 feet for 30 minutes, droppable from 6 feet without any scratch, any damage whatsoever.


When it comes to audio, a flatter subwoofer driver is now being introduced waiting for speaker manufacturers to license this product. By having a flat subwoofer, more air can be moved with much less diffraction resulting in a tigher and more accurate bass reproduction from a thinner speaker enclosure.


A surprising product actually unveiled by SEIKI, an HDMI cable with built-in Marseilles 4K upconverter which is also Technicolor certified. Outside of Sony 4K upscaler, I’ve never seen anything this good for… US$40 !!!


Last but not least, is the revolutionary omnidirectional speakers from DREAM, the Singaporean company now teams up with BlueWolvesDen marketing company in the US to market their $599 omnidirectional speakers which is a direct descendant of their $10,000 high-end offering.



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