Monster 35th Anniversary at #CES2014 Pictorial


Monster celebrated their 35th anniversary at #CES2014 press event yesterday by announcing the re-release of their retro products such as their speaker cables, interconnects and, yes, that includes their retro Monster Cables logo. There is no release dates for these products but I personally am excited to have the chance to own Monster products when Monster Cables were widely used by top tier recording studios around the world and used by various artists including Dionne Warwick and Stevie Wonder.


Not satisfied by nostalgia, as shown above you can see the new additional colours offered in the Monster DNA-series headphones. I can’t comment on the sound quality but they sure look nice to me.


of course it’s not Monster if they don’t reach out further into the world. How? By reaching to the next logical step… from headphones to DJ equipment. As pictured above, Monster’s DJ console (that fits in the palm of your hand) is now being pushed further by having the capability to be personalized by being offered in various colours.


I have no comment about the headphones above because I personally have tried them and I find them to be too heavy for daily use, but they are at least very pretty to look at.


Monster also introduced the new UFC themed headphones called the Octagon. Of course, no Monster show is complete without the use of overly skinny model wearing overly large headphones.


Special thanks for my #geardiary for helping me to get access to these products and in making the process of taking the pictures above a breeze!


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