FAIL at #CES2014


In any tradeshow there will always be a fail or two or three. This time the big-3 fails come in various forms and sizes.

The “cutest fail” come from a Chinese battery company that shamelessly named itself Pemesanig, which is a direct copy of the Panasonic battery (sorry for the blurry picture)

here’s the original Panasonic battery:

here’s the Pemesanig battery:

and then there is this “fail before it starts” category:
Polaroid launched their 50″ 4K TV at $600. With only one HDMI input and truly bad (well, non-existent) black level. Good thing, however, that Polaroid realized this before letting this product loose in the wild so even before the end of #CES2014, Polaroid announced that they will discount this product even further before they hit Walmart and Walgreens. $500 50″ 4K TV anyone? I might buy one as a joke to show people how bad a TV can be.


The “Most Expensive Fail” category fall into the hands of “The Ultimate Home Theater” booth. Claiming that the setup cost “more than $1 million”, the room equipped with Triad speakers, D-Box motion seats, ADA processor, Trinnov room correction, and a plethora of various brands, the setup is far from “ultimate”. In terms of pricing, I’ve designed a more expensive home theatre. In terms of audio and video experience, I’ve designed better as well (for a whole lot less than $100,000 — a tenth of the cost of this so-called “ultimate home theater”). I honestly don’t know what they’re trying to prove here. It’s not the most expensive, it’s not the best, it’s nothing special. Do they really mean “Ultimate” in the sense of “Ultimate Fail”? I’m sincerely confused.



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