#ShareTheFuel : The Audio Technica SonicFuel Experience at #CES2014


I hate earphones. They sound like garbage, they never fit right, and they keep falling out of my ears. Not that I’ve never had a custom fit earphones, but those things cost more than $300 and they still only sound as good as a $20 earphones of that time (it was around 2010). Annoying, to say the least. But I’m not who I am if I don’t give any technology and its applications a second, third, fourth chances. So when I was invited by Audio Technica to try the new SonicFuel series of earbuds in their #ShareTheFuel experience, I figure I’d give this bane of my existence another chance.

Many earphones have come with various inner-ear buds or outer-ear hook… but never both. As far as I know, the Audio Technica SonicFuel series is the only one that can come up with 9 different combinations using materials soft and flexible enough to give an extremely comfortable experience without me experiencing the annoyance of the earphones falling out of my ears every several minutes or so. As sound quality goes, because the inner-ear buds block so much outside noise, the sonic experience is paramount… or as paramount as a $50 (yes, only $50) earbuds can deliver. It’s an even much better experience when compared to my custom molded earphones I purchased for $300 several years back.

Is it audiophile quality? Anybody expecting an audiophile quality earbuds needs to be punched in the face to begin with. Furthermore, anybody expecting audiophile quality from something that is only costing $50 MSRP needs to be punched in the throat. So if you are sane (read: don’t want to be punched in the face and/or throat), I guarantee you that you won’t find any other earbuds that sound better and feel this comfortable for $50… or perhaps even double its price for that matter.



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