Dropcam PRO Review from #CES2014

This is new. I was at the #CES2014 Unveiled event when I stumbled upon Dropcam desk and listened to the whole spiel about Dropcam. It is essentially a webcam and security camera in one package that can send you alert depending on what type of alert you want to be alerted with (such as motion, sound, etc). The twist of this story is that I was approached by Dropcam to review the Dropcam PRO camera.

What makes Dropcam different than most, if not all, their competitors is that you have the option to add their optional Cloud Recording service to save up to 30 days (720 hours) of continuous video ($299 per annum) or if you only need 7 days to backtrack, it’s only $99 per annum. Or if you’re cheap like me, let it just stream live. You can review the footage on your device and share favorite clips with family and friends (or for my use… the police department when necessary). Furthermore, Dropcam uses bank-level security (I assume at least 128-bit encryption as it is the least secure bank-level security used in North America) to ensure that your live and stored video are safe, even on open wireless networks. Your video is encrypted on the camera before it is transmitted to the cloud and streamed securely to your devices using SSL encryption. By default all video is private and you control sharing rights.

Dropcam claims that the system can be set in minutes. When I tried my review unit for the first time, this is not the case. Instead of “minutes” as advertised, I installed the system in THIRTY… SECONDS!!! This is done deliberately without reading the manual because let’s face it, other than a handful of geeks like myself, who reads manual anymore? Another false claim from Dropcam PRO is that on the website it claims the Night Vision capability of the Dropcam PRO to be “excellent”. It is not “excellent”, it’s “AMAZING”. I’ve never seen a night vision this clear from a non-commercial security camera. Even far too many commercial grade security camera don’t have such an amazing Night Vision capability. Heck, I’ve never even seen the daytime image to be as clear as Dropcam PRO from any similarly priced security footage. Just look at the screengrab below!


All I can say is that anybody who needs a security camera should just go with Dropcam PRO. After all, it’s easy to install, easy to use, very affordable to maintain and it yields an extremely amazing video quality. What’s the point of having a security camera with blurry picture anyway right?


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