Swarovski Blingy with Bluetooth-y Sound by Lenco

For those who didn’t know about vinyl and turntables, Lenco was founded in 1946 in the Swiss Burgdorf by the couple Fritz and Marie Laeng. Fascinated by sound technology, the Swiss Fritz Laeng started an electrical business in 1925 and his wife, Marie, became the driving force. When the couple, based on the strong demand for turntables, started a small factory, it was Marie that thought of the name Lenco (derived from the surname of the couple – Laeng Company, shortened to LaengCo, turned into LenCo then Lenco). Thus began the success story of Lenco. Key concepts were reliability of the turntables and the excellent technical service. The reputation of the brand, striving for perfection, was born.

In 1960 Lenco entered the HiFi-market with the introduction of a turntable that had a unique and heavy tone arm, which was sold separately later. The device was, thanks to its quality and reasonable price, the first choice for manufacturers of high quality stereo systems. The most successful Lenco turntable of that time was the L 75. It was introduced to the market in 1967 and the device distinguished itself from its predecessors by a massive, 4 kilogram turntable of 312 millimeter and its aluminum housing. The biggest improvement, however, was the newly designed tone arm, allowing the player to beat competitors in many areas. In the following years, the awarded arm was used by many other brands in their turntables.

Jump a few decades later, although still producing turntables (see picture below). Lenco also dwell with MP3, Bluetooth speakers.


Some of the prototype MP3 players (which also play uncompressed .WAV file, by the way) were also photographed during #CES2014. Unlike the packaging suggests, these players are actually nice looking and not gaudy at all with decent sound quality especially considering what I listened to was only a prototype playing on my new Audio Technica SonicFuel earphones from the previous #CES2014 day. I did however, managed to listen to my own uncompressed .WAV music as the MP3 players also allow external card to be inserted as a memory expansion, so I can truly judge their decent sound quality with my own music (thank you, Lenco, for allowing me to use my own earphones and music to listen to a quick demo).


Interestingly enough, however, is Lenco’s Bluetooth speakers. It doubles as a speakerphone and did a more than decent job in the crowded and loud space at LVCC. The aesthetic is nice too. Drizzled with just the right amount of Swarovski crystals on white enclosure, it looks phenomenal as the photo below can attest. Coupled that with decent sound coming out from such a tiny enclosure and amazing microphone pickup capability, I can truly recommend Lenco Bluetooth speakerphone / speaker unit for both looking for a good speakerphone and yet not wanting to have a speakerphone unit that looks like it comes from a bad sci-fi movie.



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