Seiki 4K Upscaling Cable Review


To help consumers experience 4K content on 4K Ultra HD TVs, Seiki introduced the U-VISION™ line of 4K up-conversion HDMI® accessories that optimize current HD and non-HD content for 4K Ultra HD screens during #CES2014 Unveiled session at Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Available as a standalone HDMI cable powered with USB or HDMI up-conversion adapter without cables, U-VISION products integrate Marseille Networks VTV-1222 video processing chip to transform legacy content into sharp, detailed 4K video. Seiki U-VISION 4K up-conversion HDMI cable and adapter are the first accessory products to deliver the Hollywood video experience certified by the Technicolor 4K Image Certification program.

According to Seiki, Technicolor’s rigorous certification program validates detail enhancement, edge restoration, noise reduction and up-conversion to create optimal digital entertainment experience in the home with HD content. The Marseille VTV-1222 patented video processing technology provides quite an amazing image enhancement and 4K up-conversion (especially at US$39.99 MSRP) for use with any 4K Ultra HD TV and does not require HDMI 2.0 port.

By using Technicolor 4K Certification, Seiki U-Vision up-converter is leveraging Technicolor’s expertise in Hollywood to establish a leadership position to drive consumer adoption of 4K and to create a quality 4K viewing experience for consumers.

The Seiki U-VISION HDMI cable that I reviewed is designed to work with any 4K Ultra HD TVs (or in my review case, a projector) to enhance picture quality of HD video content and perform real-time detail enhancement, edge restoration and noise reduction. The cable supports 1080p up-conversion to 4K video signals up to 30Hz with quite an astonishing quality for a $40 piece… the price that is lower than most of the HDMI cables I use in my home theatre!

U-VISION 4K video processing key features include:
• Up-conversion of 1080p content up to 4K
• Up-conversion of 720p content up to 1080p (this is due to the lack of processing power to bring 720p to 4K resolution)
• Adaptive edge enhancement of lines and curves for improved video and user interfaces
• Adaptive sharpening and noise reduction to refine video content
• Relatively low-latency processing for HD video gaming although when playing ultra-sensitive-timing video game, the lag will literally kill your character… but again, for $40 you should just shut up and smile.
•Brightness, contrast, saturation improvement — although not quite accurately mapping the REC-709 colour space to REC-2020 colour space, at least the colour space expansion is pleasing to the eyes.

Although the upconversion barely passed in many objective test-pattern tests, the subjective viewing does not suggest that at all. No it’s not as good as the Sony’s 4K X-Reality Pro Engine, but it’s not $2,000 either, and unless you have the tendency to pause the movie you’re watching and/or love to watch test patterns, in most cases this upconverting cable is extremely good. Even better than a built-in upscaler inside another TV manufacturer that starts with the letter “S” too!!!

The Seiki U-VISION 4K Up-conversion HDMI Cable will be available in early March 2014 with a suggested retail price of $39.99. The U-VISION 4K Up-conversion HDMI Adapter will be available in mid-April 2014.

So there you go. Forty bucks, looks good. Even if you don’t think so, just use it as a regular HDMI cable. Case closed!



11 responses to “Seiki 4K Upscaling Cable Review

  1. This U-Vision cable I had for a month, it worked ok on my 4k UHD tv
    but would only up-convert 1080p@24hz. How about an upgrade to have the U-vision upconvert 1080p@60hz to 4k?. Most 4k tvs have a native 2160p panel, so depending on the input to the panel, the on- board circuitry would upconvert to 4k.

      • Thanks, I new that. Most blurays are 1080p@24/28/39Hz, you would want to have a a U-Vision that could upconvert live tv,
        that usally come in at 1080p@60Hz., Mayby I’m asking to much, But I’m glad I purchased a TCL 50″ UHD and with the firmware upgrade, I should be ok.

  2. Quite honestly you’re not asking too much. However, due to the processing constraints in the U-Vision (the best TV upscaler uses 8-core GPU, U-Vision reportedly only use dual-core), it can only do limited upconversion algorithms.

  3. I have a question, sence most 4k UHD tvs have their own upscaling circiutry, if I connect a bluray player with 4k upscaling, would that over-ride the on board circuitry in the UHD tv?

  4. “The Seiki U-VISION HDMI cable that I reviewed is designed to work with any 4K Ultra HD TVs (or in my review case, a projector)….”

    How do you work this with a 1080p projector?

  5. I’m wondering about using it on a Playstation 4 for the games. A lot of games run at 60 fps but dip down some. So would it not work on some games but would work on ones that are running at 30? Or does the whole console push at 60hz even though the frames are limited to 30 and still wouldn’t work.

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