Introducing the Cary Audio DMS-500 Network Music Player, Streamer, DAC, and the list goes on…

Cary Audio DMS-500

As much as I’d hate to admit, the physical medium of discs has leveled off and computer based digital music has proliferated. Because of this fact, there are two clear means and distinctions in which to playback your collection of digital music files. One is a regular DAC, the other is a USB DAC.

For regular DAC usage you’d need to connect your disc player to a DAC and for the USB DAC usage this requires a local computer be connected to the DAC via a USB cable. In this scenario, a computer must be located within your music system and is also usually the vehicle in which to control playback. Cary’s latest USB based DACs, the DAC-100t and DAC-100 address this scenario with, of course, Cary’s highly sought after signature sonic performance.

The NEW DMS-500 addresses the both methods of accessing your digital music files whereby eliminating the need of a local computer residing within your music system and allowing for wider flexibility for both accessing and controlling playback. The DMS-500 is a network, computer-less, or network-less playback digital music system (DMS). First and foremost, many music lovers just do not want a computer in their listening environment yet want to access all of the digital music stored across all their networked computers. With network DLNA and UPnP, the DMS-500 connects to your IP network and will allow you to stream music to the DMS-500 from any computer on your network (PC or MAC), regardless of where they are located. In addition, controlling playback is done with an iOS or Android app for ease and comfort while enjoying your music collections (for Blackberry users, you can sideload the Android app to any one of you BB OS10 devices). If one wishes to bypass a computer altogether, yet play digitally stored files, the DMS-500 can do so from a NAS drive. This of course requires a network, but not a computer. To go one step further, you can even play your digital music collection both computer-less and network-less via one of the DMS-500’s three (3) USB 2.0 Type A (1-Front, 2-Rear) ports and its eSATA port.

The DMS-500 can playback high resolution audio up to 32-bit 384KHz PCM as well as natively playback 1-bit 2.82MHz DSD files without PCM conversions.  The DMS-500 also supports DXD 24-bit 358.2Khz files and supports all the most common music file formats including dsf, dff, ISO, PCM, WAV, FLAC, AIFF, ALAC, AAC, MP3, WMA, and multiple other formats (additional formats may be added later via firmware update).  The DMS-500 also includes built-in AptX Bluetooth for connecting any portable Bluetooth enabled device.  The options are almost limitless with what you can listen to via Bluetooth, such as subscribed or free music services, YouTube, or any audio based app, such internet radio stations (Rdio is my personal favourite).  Speaking of internet radio, the DMS-500 also includes a built-in internet radio service, something that too many “mid-end” and “high-end” audio equipment tend to ignore.  Of course, as a kitchen-sink solution, the DMS-500 also has both a S/PDIF and Toslink DAC inputs for connecting your shiny-disc player digital output into.

The analog output of the DMS-500 is handled by either a pair of RCA or balanced XLR outputs.  Under the hood, it uses ARM processing and FPGA Dual-Clock design with dual ultra high performance custom Crystek crystal oscillators, WIMA and Nichicon FG capacitors within the analog circuit and take extreme measure to eliminate potential digital noise with over the top filtering.  The DMS-500 is easily upgradable via its USB ports and its update feature as any necessary firmware updates may become available.

They are available in either all silver or all black (chassis sides, top and faceplate).  The top panel of the DMS is reminiscent of Cary’s popular CD-306 SACD Professional Version player.

Please email all preorders or call with any questions. Expected ship date is mid second quarter.

DMS-500 32 Bit 384

• 32 Bit/384kHz PCM playback.
• Native DSD64 1 bit/2.82MHz (no PCM Conversion).
• Native DXD support (24 Bit/352.8kHz).
• Dual ultra high performance master clock Cyrstek Oscillators and AKM DAC to support 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384, & 2.82MHz sample rates.
• AptX lossless Bluetooth for CD Quality streaming form Bluetooth devices.
• Internet Radio Function.
• 3-USB 2.0 ports (1-Front, 2-Rear) for directly connecting external USB hard drives (up to 4 TB) or flash drives.
• 1 high-speed eSATA port.
• NAS Drive Support.
• DAC inputs
 1 Coaxial.
 1 Toslink.
• Ethernet Port for streaming IP connected content via DLNA and UPnP; 10/100Mbps LAN,RJ-45 port, support TCP/IP, UPnP, UDP, RTSP, DHCP, PPPoE, HTTP etc, support NAS and PC sharing, support MMS,RTSP,HTTP etc, stream media protocol.
• Digital coaxial output
• RCA outputs
• XLR Balanced outputs
• Digital volume control/Control knob
• Hand held remote control for all non DLNA functions
• Use any third party UPnP/DLNA app for iOS and Android devices for DLNA streaming control
• Beautiful cosmetic top panel with clean integration into side panels

*All specs and or features are subject to change

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