Leash Your Rechargeable Devices with ChargerLeash


‎For people who travels a lot like me, to always have the appropriate chargers for my BlackBerry, iPad and Jawbone is crucial. Foolishly, after overnight charging, I tend to forget to unplug the chargers and have on occasions left my chargers behind resulting the need of buying replacement charger and cables at an exorbitant prices as while travelling there is no way for me to wait for eBay shipment to come while I’m “on location”.  In fact this happened once again at #CES2014 where I accidentally left my charger in the press-room.
Ironically, also luckily, AFTER #CES2014 ended, a CEA staff whom I’ve befriended after many years attending the show e-mailed me about ChargerLeash. ‎ (Thank you Lydia Henry for connecting me with ChargerLeash). Contacting the company and asking for a review sample is also super easy, usually a good sign that the product is of good quality, as “meh-quality” companies usually are very hesitant in sending their product to be reviewed.
Within three business days I received my samples. One with micro USB connector and another with Lightning connector. The arrival of these units were perfect as I was leaving for one of my business trips.
Call it coincidence, call it “kismet”, call it whatever you want; I forgot to charge both my iPad Air and Blackberry Q10‎ the night before so I had no choice but to charge both equipments while waiting for boarding.
First of all, let me start by stating that the Lightning connector charging cable is fully and truly MFI certified (Made For Idevices) for both charging and data transfer. This is a very good thing as far too many so-called MFI certified cables tend to do one or the other or sometimes even neither data nor charging. Considering the high price of a proper genuine Apple MFI cable, one might as well buy this cable and funnel the money to someone other than the richer-than-god corporation.
While waiting to board, I was using my laptop and use both USB outputs from my laptop to charge both my iPad and mobile phone…and suddenly I had to board the plane.  If not because of those ChargerLeash screaming at me, I already left those chargers by accident and I would be beyond F*&#ed as I won’t be able to charge my phone and tablet.
Considering the strikingly affordable price vs usability performance ratio of these cables, ChargerLeash cables are highly recommended.  In fact, you’d be foolish if you don’t buy these cables.

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