Sony’s Secret Weapon UNLEASHED!!!


At Sony Canada Dealer Show 2014, Sony showed a mighty secret weapon.  No, it’s not UHD 4K display or projector.  It’s easy to create a super weapon when money is no object, but to have something that is truly within reach AND a super weapon is no means feat.

The super weapon I’m referring to is the Sony’s yet-to-be-named entry level projector, planned to have MSRP of $2,500, that will literally kill any projector at that price level and even at $1,000 more!  This projector is based on Sony’s upper end VPL-HW55ES minus the iris.  Designed to be used as a replacement of 90″ – 120″ direct-view flat panel, the unit is bright enough to be viewed clearly in even the brightest room.  With true 1,700 lumens (based on full-colour measurement — which is the honest way of measuring projector’s brightness), the projector is perfect for people who want a large screen but not necessarily have the $10,000 price to buy a 90″ LED TV or people whose building structure can not handle the weight of the 120″ plasma TV (priced at $80,000 by the way).  This unit is also perfect for those who want projector but don’t have a “cave” or “dungeon” in their house.

Sure there are projectors that can be that bright with that quality…but they are in the $20,000 range.  Also any projector at the $2,500 range (that I’ve seen so far) don’t have the brightness, or no lens shift, or not 1080p, don’t have a good black level, can not be calibrated perfectly, and the list goes on.

This projector, however, at $2,500, has the brightness, clarity, 1080p, amazing black level, extremely detailed picture and ability to be properly calibrated (it even includes 10-point gamma control!!).

Amazing, just amazing!  Move over (put your favourite brand of projector here)!

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