Gutwire Notepad 2 Vibration Absorber Thingie – UPDATED


About three years ago I bought a couple of Gutwire Notepad vibration absorber thingie to be placed above my speakers and they worked remarkably in reducing the vibrations of the speakers resulting in wider imaging and more focused vocals. Too bad, however, after about a year, the mass and its vibration absorption properties dissipated to virtually nil.

So when Gutwire released Notepad 2, I bought them again (for $50 a piece, they are practically a steal). Below are the spec I copied from website:

– Special formulated cellulose high molecular polymer gel is filled inside the NOTEPAD2 to absorb vibration, unwanted resonance, EMI and RFI.
– The material is non-toxic.
– Three layers of insulation: PE, aluminium foil and nylon cloth.
– Size is 18cm X 12.5cm.
– Weight is approximately 350 gram.
– For placement on top of the BLU-RAY/CD/DVD/SACD player or transport, a single NOTE PAD should be placed directly over the drive mechanism. Player or transport with top loading mechanism should place NOTEPAD2 behind or next to it. For amplifiers, a single NOTEPAD2 will work best if it placed on top of the transformer.
– Maximum temperature: 70°C
– Life span is expected to be three to five years.

As much as I can’t test their claim of EMI and RFI rejection, three things I know for sure from my personal tests:

1. Put one on top of my Oppo BDP-103D player, the player is now silent. No spindle motor sound anymore

2. Put one below my Audio Technica LP60 super-entry-level turntable, now my dog can jump from the height of 2 feet right next to the turntable, the needle does not skip anymore. She can run around like a maniac around the turntable, no skip, nothing. Just stable running turntable. Before Gutwire Notepad 2, forget about jumping, her casual running around always made the needle to skip.

3. Put one on top of each of my System Audio Aura30 tower speakers, the imaging widens and vocal have more intelligibility. (Okay, this may just be placebo effect on my part but the science is solid)

Conclusion? For $50 a piece, you need to be so very close-minded not to try at leas one out for your Blu-ray player or Turntable (or both). I for one will buy a bunch more to be installed underneath every single turntable I have at home and on top of every blu-ray player too.



I have since bought another six pieces of the NotePad 2.  I use a pair on top of my BDP-103D, a pair installed on top of each of my surround speakers and a pair on top of the centre channel.

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