Charger Leash 2.0 … Better In Everyway

ChargerLeash 2.0

I’m sure you have read my review of the original Charger Leash cable.  It was an amazing product and it still is.  There are, however, ways to make it even better for road warriors like me.  Having a longer cable will be a huge help as not every hotel’s power outlets are close enough to the bed.  Having longer cable means I can charge my phone while the phone is on at all times AND I can use my phone at the same time.

Bunching the cable into my bag in a hurry can result in tangles that takes ages to untangle.  Not the product’s fault necessarily, but it will be nice if the cable is less prone to tangling.

Well, my prayer have been answered by Charger Leash with its 2.0 iteration.

The cable is now far less tangle prone than before as they are now using flat cable instead of the regular round one. It is also longer so it is more than enough for most of my demanding applications.  The best of ll, the alarm can now be manually turned off.  A feature I didn’t realized I need until I use this cable.

As usual, Air Canada messed up my trip.  This time with a whopping 13 hour delay from Orlando to Toronto.  Heck, the actual flight is only about 3 hours! but that’s another story for another time.

Regardless, thankfully, Orlando airport have free wifi so I can do a lot of work just by using my iPad and iPhone.  Power reserve is another story altogether.  Once again, ChargerLeash 2.0 saved the day.

I charge my phone directly using the original ChargerLeash connected to my MyCharge powerbank and connected my iPad Air using the 2.0 version of ChargerLeash.  It allows me to get up and refill my drink without the worry of somebody stealing my equipments.  This was proven when the alarm of ChargerLeash 2.0 went off.  Turned out a guy was trying to “borrow the cable” to charge his phone.  Convenient, huh?  most likely if there was no alarm, my iPad have disappeared.

Sure, it’s my stupidity and laziness that created the problem to begin with.  However, when you’ve just had a 16-hour shift and only 4-hour sleep and then being tortured by waiting at the airport for another 13 hours, you tend to do stupid and lazy things.

Suffice to say, ChargerLeash 2.0 is yet another highy recommended product for anybody who travels.  The next time you travel, get one for every device you’re bringing with you.  You’ll thank yourself and  Brian, the inventor of ChargerLeash, for protecting your gadgets.

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