Found on Kickstarter: QindredCam

QindredI personally don’t like crowd funding sites. The reason being is I’d like to have instant gratification.  I see a product I like, I want to have it now.  Not several months from now…but NOW.  However, I still frequent various crowd funding sites to see which product that piqued my interest.  Thus far, all the products that piqued my interest have turned out to be the products I actually like and use on a daily basis.  TrackR is one of the example.


Yesterday while poking around the Kickstarter site, I stumbled upon QindredCam.  It’s a wearable camera that takes both still photos and videos and can be voice activated.  The beauty of this product is that the photos and videos can be either stored on the on-board memory or they can also be stored in the cloud.  What piqued my interest is not the wearable camera part, but the back end system — the cloud storage.  Reportedly if you take still pictures, the photos uploaded to the cloud will be selected, cropped, and can be downloaded ready to be distributed or as a slideshow.  This is amazing for family gatherings and such.  Furthermore, the application can go beyond a normal wearable cam.  I imagine the possibilities of this camera being used as a security camera, on-body camera for law enforcement, even as an added security for people who works the cash register.


For a quick look, you can read on for features of the camera itself, but I strongly recommend you to go to the Kickstarter site for QindredCam.  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed…especially at the (currently) $99 price!!
QindredCam Features:

  • Automatic, intelligent photo and video capturing based on its environment
  • User selectable “InterActive” mode for special moments you don’t want to miss (such as child’s birthday party…this mode will reduce battery standby time)
  • User selectable “Active” mode for non-social moments you don’t want to miss (such as hiking in a beautiful park…this mode will reduce battery standby time)
  • Manual Capture option for photo and video (control at your finger tip)


  • 8 megapixels SONY camera sensor
  • 140° wide-angle lens
  • Maximum 8 megapixel photo capture
  • Maximum 1080p video capture


  • 2 built-in microphones for audio capture with noise cancellation
  • Built-in speaker for alerts, comfort music or communication


  • Sensors to make sure the best quality photos are being captured. These sensors are sensing the wearer’s motion, lighting conditions, and what is in front of the camera.
  • GPS  (used to organize photos by location)


  • 4 GB of internal storage (this will be used as storage space when you don’t have access to wifi)

Wireless connectivity:

  • WiFi and Bluetooth wireless access

Battery charging and management:

  • 10-15 hours of battery life  (depending on amount of activity in your environment)
  • Micro-USB charging

Mounting options:

  • Interchangeable wearable mounts (clips and magnets)
  • Removable straps
  • mounting options for home, car and bike


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