Sonos: Bridge vs Boost



A: Only if (a) you cannot run an Ethernet wire from your router to any Sonos component in your home and (b) connecting via WiFi isn’t good enough.

Q: When is WiFi not good enough?
A: For everything beyond simple music streaming. If you want to run PLAYBAR with SUB and two PLAY:1 or PLAY:3 for instance.

Q: I have BRIDGE. Do I want to upgrade to BOOST?
A: If everything is working OK, no. If you have dropouts due to bad wireless coverage, yes as Sonos Boost have 50% better coverage than Sonos Bridge

Q: I’m about to buy a Sonos system.  Which one should I choose?  Bridge or Boost?
A: It doesn’t matter.  Sonos Bridge have now been discontinued :p


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