The Most Stupid Thing I’ve Witnessed In Quite A While


As the title goes, this must have been the most idiotic thing I’ve ever witnessed in a while.

Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) is planning to apply on upcoming Ultra-HD Blu-ray discs and players. The information was leaked from the mailbox of BDA chairman Victor Matsuda, who is also Vice President, Visual Entertainment Project Office, Sony Corporation of America (SCA).

According to this proposal, Ultra-HD Blu-ray will have some very rigorous (read: idiotic, childish and utterly greedy) DRM measures that have a significant impact on how you can use your legally purchased products:

1. Before you can play a disc on your Ultra-HD Blu-Ray player, it needs to be registered online (either by scanning the QR Code or by entering an insane 24-characters serial number) and will then be permanently tied to your player. From that point on, your playback device must be permanently online to enjoy the UHD content. The disc cannot be watched on a different player, unless one of the following exceptions/scenarios applies to you.

2. Offline devices will still allow restricted playback of the disc in SD resolution. (Seriously? Not even regular HD?)

3. There will be an online portal that allows you to “share” discs with friends for a small fee. The friend will need to register the disc for use on their own player, while the owner has to approve the lending and is not allowed to watch the disc for the duration of the “sharing” period.
There will also be an option to permanently change the registration of a disc to a different player. As with the “sharing” option, a fee will be required. The amount of re-registrations for a given disc will be restricted to one registration change every two years.

4. For payment, several methods like In-App purchase, gift cards, credit card, and Paypal will be available.

5. In addition to the audio watermark “Cinavia“, Ultra-HD Blu-Rays will also embed a video watermarking technology called “Vidthenticity”.  (I don’t know what the heck is that)

6. They will be using an enhanced version of AACS copy protection, BD-J will return as part of the specifications, and TV sets must support HDCP 2.2 or above to enable HD/UHD capabilities. (well, this one have been circulating around the interwebs for quite a while)

From the sound of it, it seems like the BDA want this format to fail.  I use 3 Blu-ray players at home and for my home theatre I change my player nearly as often as I change my underwear.  How am I going to keep re-registering my movie collection everytime I change my viewing location within the house and/or change my underwear… I mean my Blu-ray player ?!

On the positive side, however, HDR technology will be supported (but who knows whether it will ever be used — just like current players supports Deep Colour but there not a single disc utilizes that feature) and both UHD and Full 4K resolutions will also be supported.

I love physical media…but this is just utterly moronic.





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