Sony 2015 Soundbar and Receiver Lineup

sony receiver

April 15, 2015

Sony’s 2015 upcoming collection includes four soundbars and two receivers.

Sony has detailed its latest home audio gear lineup. The HT-ST9, HT-NT3, HT-CT780, and HT-CT380 soundbars, and STR-DN860 and STR-DN1060 A/V Receivers, all promise to deliver premium performance and features.

The flagship HT-ST9 is an 800 watt 7.1 channel high-res capable soundbar. Meanwhile, the HT-NT3 is a high-res 450 watt 2.1 channel soundbar. Finally, the HT-CT780 is a 330 watt 2.1 channel soundbar, and the HT-CT380 is a 300 watt 2.1 channel soundbar. All four models feature wireless subwoofers and, with the exception of the HT-CT380, the soundbars include support for HDCP 2.2 compliant 4K video playback. Moving on to receivers, the STR-DN1060 is a 7.2 channel high-res model with 165 watts per channel, and the STR-DN860 is a 7.2 channel high-res receiver with 150 watts per channel.

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