Sony’s Wireless Portable Speakers Offer Hi-Res Audio, Cast-friendly and Multi-room Distribution

sony portable speakers

If you are a fan of using Google’s Cast tech, AirPlay or Spotify Connect to handle your wireless speaker duties, Sony have the solutions for you. Sony announced a trio of portable audio gadgets that play nice with all three. The company’s SRS-X77, SRS-X88 and SRS-X99 speakers also feature a Sonos-like multi-room experience thanks to the Song Pal app. The pricier two of the lot, the SRS-X88 and SRS-X99, add in support for high-resolution audio via USB and a thumb drive or direct connection to your computer.

Should you prefer to go that route, you can expect compatibility with AAC, FLAC, WAV and other file formats that offer better sound quality over the regular (and lossy) MP3. The SRS-X88 and SRS-X99 also pack in a S-Master HX digital amplifier and LDAC technology which will keep Bluetooth streams sounding top notch (from compatible devices, of course). The difference main between the two is power. The SRS-X88 has five speakers at 90 Watts and the SRS-X99 houses seven speakers with a total of 154 Watts.

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