Why UHD Blu-ray Important For All Of Us

So March 1st 2016 is in the horizon and the release of UHD Blu-ray is imminent.  For those who are waiting or already into 4K the introduction of UHD Blu-ray is a no brainer.  However, how about for the rest of us who are not yet ready to jump into the 4K foray? (see what I did there?)

The UHD Blu-ray is actually still very valid for the rest for the following reasons:

  1. UHD Blu-ray will be mastered better than the regular Blu-ray counterpart so even though you are downscaling the movies back to 1080p, the picture quality will still look cleaner than the regular Blu-ray counterpart.
  2. UHD Blu-ray utilize a more efficient (read: better) compression algorithm which means there will be a definite improvement in complex motion scenes.
  3. Part of UHD Blu-ray specification is the use of object-based surround system such as DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.
  4. UHD IS the future, you will eventually need to go to UHD 4K
Considering UHD Blu-ray Disc pricing are identical or only a slight premium over regular Blu-ray Discs, why don’t start early so you don’t need to re-buy these movies again in the future?

3 responses to “Why UHD Blu-ray Important For All Of Us

  1. I think one of the unspoken things being missed is that UHD will likely be the last mass market physical media product pushed by Hollywood, especially if it doesn’t catch on in the market. That is why consumers still wedded to physical media should support it.

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