YesGo iPhone7 Case Review + Winner Announced!

Before we start, allow me to congratulate “PoetShei” in Ottawa for winning the gun metal YesGo iPhone7 case. The item was shipped out on May 2nd 2017. You should get it very soon!

On to the review:

The packaging of this Yesgo Case is great the black box make it look more expensive that it really is great in my opinion if your planning to gift this to someone. It even comes with a thank-you card inside the box thank you for purchasing this product. It’s the small thing like this that makes a big difference in the feel-good feeling when you purchase a product.

The Yesgo Case for the iphone 7 comes with the a screen protector

The Screen protector that was included in this offer in my opinion seems to be a very high quality Screen protector, the installation was the same as any other screen protector on the market today, i had no problem instaling it. It’s very sensitive and doesn’t effect the use of the device with no rainbow effect.
The Yesgo Case was very easy to install the 2 pieces fit nice and snug to the phone. All the ports on the Yesgo Case are smoothly cut out this makes all the ports very visible, there are no problem using all the ports on this Case, The power and volume controls are very accessible, The lightning port on this phone case is well cutout and smooths on each corners. There are no problem connecting and disconnecting cables from this phone case. The Yesgo Case is protected in all four corners.

The power and volume controls are very accessible they work without having to apply excessive force very nice to use.

The Raised bezel protects the screen from scratches and the look of this case is great the feel in the hand looks and feel very sturdy.

For merely US$17 from various online vendors, this phone case will satisfy most of us who are looking for a slim protective case for our iPhone7.


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