YesGo iPhone7 Case Review (Updated) + Winner Announced!

Before we start, allow me to congratulate “PoetShei” in Ottawa for winning the gun metal YesGo iPhone7 case. The item was shipped out on May 2nd 2017. You should get it very soon!

On to the review:

“Thank you.” It’s a phrase you don’t hear often anymore from manufacturers. There was once a time when you’d buy a product, any product, and would be greeted with a note when you opened the box. I remember purchasing a Roland music instrument and gleefully reading “Congratulations on your purchase….,” or my Pioneer receiver back in the late ‘70’s that came with a sheet of paper saying “Thank you for your purchase…” Those instances are far less common nowadays. But there’s one company that’s still doing it: YesGo.

I bought a YesGo case for my iPhone 7, based on an main page suggestion, for $55. I bought it, quite honestly, as a stopgap solution until I could find a more permanent case.

Imagine my surprise when I received the item in luxurious, all-black, sturdy retail packaging. I was further pleased when I discovered a thank you card inside the box. It made me feel appreciated. It’s a minor detail, but it brought back the nostalgia of purchasing items of yester-year. I figured if the company took the time and attention to detail to say thank you, the product deserved to be reviewed.

It’s worth noting that as an extra surprise, I discovered that the $55 price included a high quality tempered-glass screen protector. These can often sell for $40 or $50 on their own – the Belkin Glass screen protector for the iPhone 7, for example, sells for upwards of $40 through the Apple Store. Installation was the same as with any other screen protector – simple since tempered glass removes the potential for pesky bubbles forming underneath. Once applied, it didn’t appear to cause any type of rainbow effect or glare to the screen. The sensitivity is also great, I could not feel any difference between using the phone without the screen protector versus with.

The one-piece, wraparound YesGo case itself was very easy to install, too. The case fit nice and snug to the phone. There are smooth cutouts for all ports, making them all visible and easily accessible. There was no problem connecting and disconnecting cables from this phone case. The power and volume controls are accessible and responsive, too. The raised bezel even protects the screen protector from scratches and the phone’s screen from drops. The case feels good and sturdy in the hand.

All in all, this is the best $55 I’ve ever spent on a case and screen protector combination. In the past, I’ve spent upwards of $90 for phone protection that feels and functions no better than this one. Unexpectedly, the YesGo case will become the permanent protector for my brand spanking new iPhone 7, and I send thanks right back to them for that.


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