Color Your Sound Sonos Covers – Colour Me Impressed!

photo by David Susilo

Everybody knows I use Sonos quite extensively in my house. The ease-of-use coupled with very good sound quality has made me a fan of their products. However, they don’t quite meet my needs for unique design that stands out. Not to mention that the Playbar’s speaker grille is a dust magnet.

There are options to liven up the look of Sonos Play speakers, but they are no more than coloured decals. And these won’t help keep dust at bay.

I recently got my hands on some cloth covers from a company called Color Your Sound, which we featured in the July/August issue of WiFi HiFi Magazine (Pg. 12). The cloths cover the entire Sonos speaker surface in a variety of patterned or textured options.

The first item I used was a cover for my Playbar. Since Playbar kind of looks like a plank of wood, I chose the woodgrain pattern called Woodstock. Designed in Switzerland and made in Europe, the finish and fit of this cover is impressive. It fits like a glove – I didn’t have any struggled to encase the speaker with the fabric. The material feels luxurious, with a satin finish, and it’s a tad stretchy, which allows for the perfect fit. I was worried that after covering the Playbar I would have to re-do the sound calibration. Not so. The material is extremely transparent, acoustically, to the point that I can’t hear the difference between when I have the covers on or off.

photo by David Susilo

To test the products further, I outfitted my bedroom Sonos setup, which consists of two Sonos Play:1s set in stereo mode. This time, I only covered one Play:1 with a Color Your Sound cover (the White Cotton design) and left the other one bare. I couldn’t hear any sonic difference between my bare Play:1 versus the covered one. Colour me impressed!

The last test I did was the torture test, also known as washing it. I washed the Woodstock pattern by hand in warm water and hung it to dry. The result? Nothing changed from before the wash. Then I washed it again (also in warm water) using my front loading washing machine in delicate mode and tumble dried it in the dryer. Still, nothing changed! I would recommend, as the company does, to only hand wash and air dry these covers.

Photo by David SusiloPhoto by David SusiloAll in all, I’m extremely happy with the products. Pricing is essentially in line with the decal alternatives, running from about US$40-US$70 per wrap, with the added bonus of a classier look. If you have more ecletic style preferences, there are a number of fun options in the lineup, ranging from comic book prints, to florals, African and paisley patterns. There are even Christmas-themed options so you can dress your speakers up for the holidays.


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