While it’s easy for me to find and pick speakers for my home theatre, bedroom, and listening room, that’s not necessarily the case for my computer system. It was easier when I used to do a lot of studio work. I’d buy the best one I could afford, which was from Genelec, and priced around US$3,500 back in 1998. Now, it’s a different story. I want something a lot more affordable, in the $600 range, and that’s of a 2.1 configuration.

I was reminded of the US$99 Edifier R1280T speakers I reviewed last October, and, since I was pleased with them, I decided to search for another system from that company. Looking at the specifications, I ended up choosing the S730 system, which sells in Canada for an MSRP of $500 – right at the edge of my budget. I was pleasantly surprised to find that most retailers were actually selling them for under $400.

I contacted Edifier for the review challenge. When the speakers arrived, the package was approximately 70 lbs. in weight. I couldn’t even carry the box into the house! Much of the weight was from the nearly 16″ tall subwoofer.

Along with the two satellites and sub, the system comes with a remote, a wired docked controller (mostly for use on your PC desk), speaker connector cables, and a 3.5mm audio cable.

This system can be used in various setups, as it offers coaxial and optical inputs, as well as standard audio in. Both remotes are useful, with options for balance, treble, bass, and even a dimmer for the LCD’s LED effect. That’s already one plus-point, since most 2.1 systems only have bass control but no treble control.

Having tried it out with both my PC and my living room system (which is hooked up to Panasonic UB900 UHD player, Roku 4K streaming box, and the audio outlet from the Panasonic 65FZ1000 OLED TV) I was impressed.

Watching Dredd in UHD, along with several other action flicks with heavy emphasis on sound direction and beautiful scores, they all sounded great. Even on the low frequencies, the S730 performs well – I never had to jack up the volume to get good sound. I ended up moving it back to my PC, which is going to be my primary listening area. The wired remote setup is perfect for quick volume tweaking, and the LCD looks futuristic (but not overly so) and clean on my desk.

The bass isn’t overpowering such that it feels like it’s going to blow out the speaker, maintaining a good sense of balance; something that I almost never encounter in a 2.1 PC system.

While C$500 MSRP may sound expensive for a PC speaker system, the Edifier S730 shouldn’t be clumped together with other 2.1 speaker systems. It delivers big sound that lends itself well not only to gaming, but also music and movie-soundtrack listening. The subwoofer’s prowess and satellites’ clarity make me pretty happy with this system.

The one downsize is that the system is behemoth in size. But it’s also equally behemoth in sound. Considering you can’t usually get a good subwoofer for C$500, this system offers great bang for the buck.


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