Cleer Ally Are Clear Allies For Your Ears

If you’re looking for super lightweight earbuds (in my case, I always am), Cleer Ally wireless earbuds weigh just 6 grams and they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. They have a sleek design that fits in your pocket. But most importantly, they deliver a flat sonic signature that’s unlike most earbuds in the sub-$150 price range without being outrageously expensive.


Setup was easy. These came fully charged, and the left and right earbuds are clearly marked.
Bluetooth pairing was simple and easy. With multiple devices paired to the headphones, it’s sometimes hard to distinguish which device is connected, which means you have to manually select it from your paired devices. This isn’t a big deal, but it is an extra step if you choose to connect multiple devices, like a smartphone and tablet.

I liked the case design. The buds magnetically charge in the compact case – just pop the earbuds into their proper charging position. The power cable connects from the back of the case for quick charging, with the micro USB connected to the case, and you can plug in the USB A side wherever it’s convenient.

Fitting comfortably in the ear, they’re lightweight and stay in place, even during a full six-hour stretch. However, they are slightly large and bulbous, and some may say they look a bit show-offy while in your ears, especially if you opt for the red finish. However, some people, like me, don’t mind being bold in their design choices. I want people to see I’m wearing my earbuds so they don’t bother me. The red finish option also means they’re always easy to spot in a backpack, purse, bag, or if you drop them on the ground.


Sound quality was good, especially for earbuds at this price point. I tested them listening to music, watching YouTube and Netflix, and taking phone calls without any issues.

There was no static, making for a clear, stable sound. These earbuds sound closer to a reference monitor with no added bass and treble. If you’re looking for thumping bass and boosted treble, these are not for you. If you’re looking for something that is sonically flat, however, then Cleer has answered your prayers with these buds.

The instruction manual says the rated battery life is 10 hours of uninterrupted playtime (plus an additional 20 hours via the charging case) and I found this to be accurate, not to mention impressive.
The manufacturer also claims that the buds have a 49-foot range, and again, that estimation exceeded expectations. Unobstructed, they still sounded good, and stayed connected, to the phone they were paired with when I was up to about 60 feet away. With an obstruction (my backyard sliding glass door) they worked until about 30 feet away without any static or crackle.

The target audience for these buds is unique. On one side, the look is very attention-grabbing, which is great for people who want to show off their gear. But at the same time, the sonic characteristics fit better for audio purists. To me, this is the market segment that’s usually ignored. But this time, if you are in that target demographic, these buds are your answer.

The Cleer Ally wireless earbuds sell for about $149.

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