Who is David Susilo?

David Susilo is an ISF, THX Certified Professional, CEDIA Certified Instructor, CEA and HAA member with a PhD in Psychoacoustics who has been doing theatre design internationally (both home and commercial) for nearly 25 years with more than 5,000 projects under his belt (as per March 2022). The newest being launching his new YouTube channel, David Susilo Unscripted starting September 1st 2021.

He has worked in various capacities with companies such as Yamaha, Pioneer, Sony, Samsung, Toshiba, Grandview Screens, Disney, CBS, Georgia Aquarium, and a whole lot more too many to mention.  He also work as a writer for various publications worldwide including Quebec Audio Video, Audio Video Indonesia, DownUnder Audio, TED Publications and Canada Hi-Fi with a total exclusive readership of 130,000+ readers each month.

To contact him for his services including (but not limited to) audio video calibration, training material creation, theatre design, or just to ask questions, you can contact him at:

email: info@davidsusilo.com

twitter: @davidsusilo

YouTube: youtube.com/c/davidsusilounscripted

Akung Cinema Experience by David Susilo, the custom proof-of-concept theatre where David Susilo does all of his reviews and tests can be electronically visited at http://acebydavidsusilo.webs.com


6 responses to “Who is David Susilo?

  1. Hello David,
    I’ve been reading your reviews and I am looking for a bit of advice. Background: between my Oppo BDP-95 and my 5-channel amp is an Emotiva UMC-1, which has been getting me down. It has a “noise gate” that cuts the audio signal when it thinks the signal has gotten low enough to be inaudible. But it cuts the air in quiet passages in classical music, and even cuts off the beginning of tracks sometimes. This is quite audible and awful. Emotiva told me this is built-in and can’t be defeated. Apparently the UMC-200 doesn’t do it. I could, uh, “upgrade”, and spend more money, but I’m wondering what else is being affected along the signal path in these pre-pros, even though I am using the analog output from the Oppo and not having the UMC-1 do any audio decoding. What would be a better choice for a preamp that can do stereo and surround? There is the Parasound P7 looks like it fits the bill in that it is purely analog, but it’s $2000 and has been around a long time. It seems like somebody could make a clean and simple analog multichannel preamp and sell it for a lot less, but I can’t seem to find another choice beyond the Parasound. I have lots of SACDs so multichannel audio matters to me. What do you think my options are? Any advice would be welcome.

    Also, FYI, your “about” page still has boilerplate text at the top.


  2. As for pre-pro, I strongly suggest Pioneer Elite SC-75 and running it in pre-pro mode (the amplifier section is completely defeated). The quality of that unit, to say the least, is mind boggling.

  3. What is your recommendation for an amplifier at different price points? I would be running a processor through it( don’t have the processor yet) for 5.1 and also music in a medium size room.


    • It’s really difficult to say. There is an amp for every price level. However, I strongly recommend Pioneer Elite SC-85 as a receiver which when in the future you want to upgrade the amp section, you can use the SC-85 in pre-pro mode. The reason for my choice in SC-85 is due to its lowest jitter value of any receiver and pre-pro below $10,000 on the market.

      • Ok thanks, the thing is I don’t have an amp at all right now. So I’m looking to add that first and hook it up to my receiver, and then down the road I will get rid of the receiver and get a pre/pro. Because in my current situation I shouldn’t use the new speakers I have with my receiver.

  4. Hello,David!
    First i have to thank for you suggesting couple years ago to buy JVC-X750R. This projector does excellent job for me. We like it very much
    with Oppo blu-ray player.
    Now some thing go really wrong when i’m connecting Nvidia Shield 4K.
    We are using Panamorph lens from Germany and with Blu- ray it works very good, But connecting Nvidia Shield canceling (Graying) Panamorph option in 4K mode of the projector and work only in 1080p.
    We also tried Amazon stick 4k. Same thing, even connecting the media player direct to the projector. What do you think about it ?

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